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Muddy Pig Jewellery

Muddy Pig Jewellery

Handmade jewellery with a vegan message

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Here's how the name 'The Muddy Pig' came about...

Realising the difficulty in talking to non- vegans about Veganism came as a surprise to me. Trying to be persuasive, informative, charismatic, non patronising, helpful etc... The thing is, I (and every other vegan!) am so passionate, and trying to talk to someone who is in the same mindset that I once was, and trying to be the best vegan influencer I could be- well it was hard!

So I rescued a Pig.

Love at first sight as the farmer roughly and uncaringly dumped him in my arms, his name was (and still is) Fella. I protected him fiercely and felt love for him like i'd never felt before because I knew society how society viewed him. I raised him like a dog (with my 3 other dogs) and walked him every day. I took him to a busy Nature Reserve at weekends where I was inevitably stopped every few yards by someone wanting to chat. And voila! I got to spread the message in a fabulously entertaining way and hand out my flyers to everyone too! Alongside this I ran 'visit Fella' days at the local pub and regularly gave the local paper something to write about. We even got on the ITV news and on the Radio a few times in some gossip mags and PETA even came to visit. He really had (and has) a wonderful and comfortable life and he thoroughly enjoyed all the attention my activism brought him.

I went on to rescue a further 14 pigs from slaughter (2 of which live with me and the others are in The Retreat Sanctuary in Kent. Sadly one of the two passed away in June 2018). I soon fell in love with a Human and gave birth to our first daughter. It's no longer possible to get Fella and 3 dogs in the car with our daughter so he has the run of the land at our new property instead.

I racked my brains on how else I could spread the word against animal cruelty and soon my mind wondered towards vegan message jewellery. I'd worn a pig shape necklace for years, and It started a lot of conversations. It even got me recognised as 'that pig lady in the papers' on several occasions when it was noticed. Comically, if you type 'Pig Lady Soham' into google, I come up in lots of photos and articles!

So, my spark of an idea grew and here I am today making Vegan inspired jewellery. And of course, the name 'The Muddy Pig' seemed only natural!

To see more of Fella the Pig- Like his facebook page here: or follow him and the sanctuary on Insta: @fellashipsanctuary

In September 2018 we offered a home to Wilbur and Charlotte from Brook Farm animal Sanctuary who had both been rescued from factory farms when they were very young. We soon renamed them Peppa and George (Peppa Pig characters) to help our daughter (and son who is on the way!) to make the connection with them.

So, needless to say, purchases of my vegan jewellery help run our small pig sanctuary as well as spreading a vegan message everywhere you go. For both of these reasons, I love my little 'job' and making these designs for you really is a dream come true.

Em x

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