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    We've only gone and won an award!

    We were completely caught out at the Vegfest 2020 awards this year, when we were awarded a sepcial Solidarity award. This is all thanks to you our glorious members and how you have all pulled together this year.

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    Here at the Vegan Traders Union you will find the definitive directory of Vegan run businesses.

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    Each business listed is 100% Vegan run, and selling 100% Vegan products and services, so you can be 100% sure.

About Us

Who Are We?

The Vegan Traders Union is the Vegan Community. A place where Vegan run independant businesses, artists, musicians and professionals have come together, to work together, to create a market place for all your Vegan needs.

Whatever product or service you are looking for, one of our members will have the very thing to meet your needs.

The Vegan Traders Union logo is show below. Any business carrying this logo, will also have a registration number. this lets you know that company is one of our approved members, and therefore a Vegan owned and run business.

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Trader Number

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Trader Spotlight

These are few of our members.
Please click here to see them all.

Lash & Brow Workshop

Lash Artistry | Education | Pro Supplies

click here for more info

Vegan karens’s holiday let

A vegan holiday home by the sea

click here for more info

Rowen Stillwater

Zero waste for your home

click here for more info

Bee Vegan Bakery

Vegan bakery and catering

click here for more info

Kingdom Cosmetics Limited

KINGDOM COSMETICS- 100% vegan and cruelty free online cosmetic store

click here for more info

Kind Earth

The Vegan Supermarket where everybody shops If you care about the journey your shopping has been on before the shelf then Kind Earth is the

click here for more info

Business Sectors
Upcoming Fairs
Business Sectors

These are the types of businesses we cover

These are the twenty categories that we use to categorise the broad range of Vegan businesses. Click on a blue magnifying glass to see the companies in that category.

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Cakes, Pastries and Confectionary 


Pies, Savouries and Hot Food 


Beauty and Healthcare 


Clothing and Footwear 


Jewellery and Watches 


Homes & Living and Gifts 


Animal Welfare, Environmental and Charity 


Books, Publishing and Bloggers 


Trades People and Coaching Services 


Legal, Medical and Professional Services 


Artists, Tatooists and Musicians 


Cafes, Restaurants and Catering Services 


Vegan Shops and Zero Waste Stores 


Families, Children and Babies 


Deli Counter, Chease and Ice Cream 


Holistic Therapy, Wellness, Yoga & Meditation 


Local Groups and Networking 


Holidays, Hotels and B&B 


Drinks - Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic 


Sports Teams, Orgs, Equipment and Supps 

Current Fair Calendar

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If you are an event organiser and want to have your events listed please contact us!


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